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Any individual’s home is a massive investment, and to keep that investment safe, and in excellent condition is of utmost importance to maintain any home and prevent any potential water damage.
It is extremely important to ensure that the roof gutters of the home work perfectly without any issue.
This is because, clogged or faulty gutters, could lead to numerous problems, and have dire consequences for your home. This is why the importance of a licenced roof plumber in the Mornington Peninsula, cannot be understated.

Let us take a look at a few dangers of aged roof gutters:

1. Clogged gutters lead to damaged fascias and roofs

For a fully functioning roof, there is a requirement of a highly efficient and properly functioning gutter system. If the gutter system is unable to divert water away from the house, then the protection afforded by the roof to any home is significantly lessened. This is because when gutters are clogged, it leads to water pooling on the roof, due to it being unable to flow. This causes rotting in the fascias and roof and could potentially lead to leaks inside the house. These repairs are not particularly cheap, so it is ideal to have these clubs cleaned out as soon as possible.

2. Foundation Damage

Clogged gutters do not only risk destroying your roof. They can cause highly expensive damage to the internal structure of the house itself. When water clogs in your roof gutters, they potentially have no place to go. This makes them slowly seep into the concrete of your home, which eventually compromises the foundation of the house. Cracks and leaks, start forming around the house and when this foundation is disturbed, it becomes extremely unsafe to live in the surroundings. These problems are magnified, if the house has a base, made of wood in which case, the wood can potentially warp or bend, due to changes in moisture.

3. Basement Flooding

As mentioned earlier, when the water has no place to go thanks to clogged gutters, the next place they head to is your basement. The stagnant water slowly seeps into your lower floor, and in the matter of a single night can completely flood the surface of your basement. This is a critical safety risk due to the danger of that water, reaching potential points of wiring. When your basement is flooded, there are multiple components in the basement like boilers and electric boxes, which when exposed to a high level of moisture can cause electric shocks, and a multitude of problems that are very expensive to resolve. Furthermore, these risks can also cause severe injury if addressed by inexperienced homeowners.

If you need comprehensive roof gutter repairs, then reach out to Bennett’s Gutters. Our licenced and registered roof plumbers in the Mornington Peninsula are highly experienced and are equipped with the latest in cleaning technology to help them repair your gutter issues without any complications.
If your roof gutters are damaged beyond repair, then we also conduct installation and replacement of roof gutters, with high quality materials such as Durakote and Colorbond. So, you can be assured that when you connect with Bennett’s Gutters, your roof gutter woes will be a thing of the past.

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