Metal Fascia Installation and Repairs

Fascia Installation

Fascia is the part of the house where the roof meets the walls. The bottom edge of the roof is supported by fascia, and the gutters are fixed to it to take away the rain water effectively.

Installation of new fascia is an integral part of a new home build. In times past it was done with timber by the carpentry team, but now metal fascia installation is used in most new builds, and is installed by an experienced plumber often specialised in roof plumbing.

Advances in Colorbond and Drakote roofing steel technology, improved fire rating protections and improvements in installation techniques make steel fascia a much better long term solution, not to mention being more cost effective in the short and long term.

Colorbond and Durakote fascia is stronger than timber, yet more adjustable. It is impervious to weather and does not need re-painting as timber fascia often does, and often comes with a 20 year manufacturers warranty

Fascia Repair

Assessing the state of your fascia is a key service that Bennett’s Gutters provides, as the fascia is so integral to the overall performance of your roof in keeping your house and your family dry and healthy.

As a part of any gutters and roof plumbing service quote, we will give advice on any works or repairs suggested or required by your fascia.

At bennetts gutters we offer a range of solutions to damaged fascias as a part of our licenced roof plumbing services. Solutions can include repairs or replacement of both timber or steel fascia, but also installing a protective steel fascia cover in the colour of your choice can often be an option.

Fascia Board Cover

There is a readily available product that we often recommend called Fascia Cover, which is a specially designed to be installed over top of existing damage fascias. This product comes highly recommended for many uses, and we can explain the details during our free consultations.

There are a few common reasons for damage to fascia:

1. Moisture Damage

Leaking gutters, normally at the corners, are the number one cause of damage to timber fascias. Timber fascia is fine, until it gets wet. And when it is the part of the house that holds up the roof, it has lots of chances to get wet. General exposure to the elements can also cause damage to timber fascia and its thin protective layer of paint over time, and at the very least it needs to be regularly re-painted which can be annoying and expensive.

Wet and rotted fascia also allows for animals such as birds and possums to get into your roof and nest.

Steel fascia will tolerate leaking gutters for a longer period of time, but a leaky gutter will still cause damage and should be repaired in a timely manner.

2. Mould

Fascia boards cover that are routinely wet are susceptible to having fungal infections as well as algae problems.

3. Holes

Small holes may occur over time in your Fascia. The good part is that the very small holes can be covered. But in the event of facing large holes, it would be ideal to completely replace the Fascia board.

4. Animal Damage

Animals like birds and possums are often known to sneak into home roofing to seek shelter. Their usual behaviour leads them to scratch and chew on your Fascia

boards, making tiny gaps between it and the roof much larger often for their improved access.

Animals in your roof also leads to general damage and issues relating to building of nests as well as messy and smelly urine and droppings, not to mention unsettling thumping and squawking noises at all hours.

5. Sun Damage

The sun can also contribute to damage timber fascia over time and deteriorate the thin layer of protection which paint provides, and often timber fascia will need to be re-painted regularly.

Metal fascias, and Fascia Cover are much more resistant to the above issues and should be considered for both new and existing homes.

Metal Fascia Installation and Repairs

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